Travelling Temaricious: Uber Debut

When you travel, moving places to places is very stressful especially under the limited time and foreign places. So we needed to learn how smart we travel during the stay in Europe. It was very first time for Temaricious to use Uber. Uber was not very common for Tokyo people as we are not so much taxi users usually (lots of trains, metro, buses in Tokyo). But actually, Uber, it was a fantastic service.

We tool a normal black cab in London late afternoon on Friday because we could not catch Uber! Amazingly popular. To be honest, we also love London black cab too.

What was convenient for travellers: mobile chargers, mineral water supplies! and yes, bonbon 🙂 charging was a crucial problem for travellers. So it is so nice to use a mobile charger during moving to new places.


He dropped us to St. Pancras international station as we had big suitcases! His car was so clean and could tell his character!


Yes, we used Uber in Paris too. It was so nice, easy and safe. Thank you, Uber!

There is Uber Tokyo! So we need to try out someday:-)

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