Travelling Temaricious: Airbnb Debut

We tried Airbnb for the first time in London. 

We were in need of staying East London to go to Angel, where LOOP is located, to have two days workshops. We were very fortunate to find accommodation at Christina’s as we could easily travel to Angel by direct bus 43. It was not only the reason why it was a fantastic place to stay.

Christina’s creativity that was found there inspired us so much. Especially this work reminds us of playing with ORIGAMI when we were little. It used to be just a simple play for us but realised that it could be an art. That was unexpected and impressive.


We felt like we had already met Christina long time ago. Chatting with another girl, who was also staying there, at the living room on one night, brought us back the memory of when we were student in the U.K.  (looooong time ago!).

Travelling as not just as tourists is much more interesting. Such an accommodation hosted by locals can be found in Airbnb will let you see how local people live and areas where the usual life is.

This temariball was made by our host, Christina. We made a small workshop for her and then she finished at night while we were sleeping:-)



Temaricious will try another places with  Airbnb all over the world 🙂 Maybe you can try one in Japan!

Here is Christina’s flat!

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