— La Bien Aimee — Paris Yarn Shop —

What is the first thing to do in Paris: go to La Bien Aimee🙂 The nearest metro is Place d’Italie. The shop is very yellow, so you cannot miss it. Find your favourite yarn from fabulous collections of yarns for your Paris memory and start knitting at L’oisive The, Knit Cafe.

Aimee, the owner of the La Bien Aimee will welcome you there.

During our visit to La Bien Aimee, lots of tourists from U.S.A. were visiting! and we had a lovely guest to our workshop from one of them!

Hiroko is dyeing La Bien Aimee original yarns. She was busy for dyeing and checking carefully the colour under the natural light. We could talk about dyeing forever. It was precious time for us to see the dyeing atelier. Thank you, Hiroko and Aimee.


Then, after La Bien Aimee, definitely move to L’oisive The for your lunch! Oh, their Lunch was so beautiful!!!! We managed to charge up energy thanks to the lunch. 

Our workshop was held in L’oisive The. It was fantastic. We were also inspired by colours from Paris and learned what participants care about stitching.

IMG_0446IMG_0449IMG_0443  IMG_0442


IMG_0448 IMG_0452

Aaaand yeah! Temaricious Temari DIY kit and Temaricious special colour set of embroidery threads are now available at La Bien Aimee! Their theme colours: yellow, pink and grey are ready! All hand-made with natural-dyes and with full of love from Tokyo. Tamari pattern is the spindle pattern, which was featured in Pom Pom Quarterly.

Tamari base ball wrapping threads and temari needles are also available there. We think it is the only shop which has temari supplies in Paris:-) You need one wrapping thread to make your own temari to go!

IMG_1586 IMG_0971

Our tutorial video of wrapping temari ball: click youtube!


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