A Christmas Present for Yourself?

Finally, Tokyo is getting wintery and looking forward to Christmas and New Year holidays. Lots of Christmas illuminations and romantic atmosphere  all over the town.

Including me, my family has 2 birthdays in December and Christmas. Present-exchange never ends at home. In our case, we try not to be realistic to tell what we want. As the result, my husband’s theory is that what you really want never comes as a present so buy it by yourself!

We made very special 100 colours natural dyed embroidery threads set in popular acrylic drawer for the PresentForYourself. Hope you enjoy it and looking for your orders.

It took almost 2 years to dye 100 colours and each colour has a story with us.  Yellow from Philadelphia fleabane in Spring, Indigo blue in hot Summer, Brown from hand-picked acorns from our neighbour park in Autumn, Red from fallen cherry leaves in late Autumn… All the colour matches each other just like in nature. Nature colour magic never gets you bored! You like collecting threads organisers??  We hope this acrylic drawer helps your threads organising too!

Have a very merry December before Christmas!



Special 100 natural dyed colours set for you





TEMARICIOUS 100 colours threads set

USD 260/all-in

The price include shipping worldwide!

Enjoy delicate shades of natural colours.

Special 100 Colours in a Acrylic Box with 3 Drawers.

Natural Hand-dyed Thread
Crafted in Tokyo.

Designed for: Temari stitching,
Embroidery, Cross stitching,
Sashiko, Quilting, Canvaswork
(Needlepoint), Hardanger,
Braiding, Tasselmaking,
Scrapbooking, accessary making etc.

W25.5cm x H10cm x D17cm

100% Cotton
100 bundles (10 x 130cm/bundle)
Thickness: approx. 3/6 DMC25


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