Travelling Temaricious: Helsinki, Finland ❶

English follows below

旅するテマリシャス:ヘルシンキ (フィンランド) ❶



I took ferry to cross the Gulf of Finland to go to Helsinki.

Arriving at the ferry terminal, there is a lot bigger ferry that I thought. I could see myself getting excited for the new experience I was about to have. Inside the ferry, it was like a building. Over impressed every small details like there is a lift, different bars, restaurants and shop! Temari is my usual travel company. Stitching temari on a journey is relaxing. Such Temari later become a memory of the trip.


When the port of Helsinki was already in the sight, I could see seagulls out of the round window. They were chasing the ferry over and over again like in a Gibli film, it felt Helsinki is welcoming us.


I took a taxi from the airport. Unlike he seemed like, the middle-aged driver was friendly and so talkative, I could not leave the taxi for a while after arrival. With nice smile, he told me his son loves Japan and have visited there a few times, Japanese have only a tiny accent when they gain Finish and a few survival Finish words. Finally, he even “assured” that designs and colours of Temaricious Temari will be well received by Finish, it their tast! Thank you driver! I felt now Helsinki was little closer to me.

ヘルシンキの駅で見つけた手まり像(笑) ようこそテマリシャスにしか見えない。

Temari statue? found in Helsinki central station. I cannot see it is nothing else than Welcome to Temaricious message!

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