Travelling Temaricious: Helsinki, Finland ❷




In Helsinki, I booked a room on Airbnb for the first time experience.  The flat was very clean and neatly arranged as if it is in an interior magazine, just like I imagined for Nordic style. Landlady’s daughter welcomed me warmly and it brought me back a memory of the time I first stayed in an English family in York.



High celling and spacious room are what only few can have in Tokyo.


Let’s see how Temari looks like in my bed room…


Not too bad. It looks like as if it has been a part of this room before I came.


Now off to the city. Meeting friends who are arriving from Latvia and we are heading to THE places in Helsinki.


It was little disappointing to not be able to bargain hunt like 8 years ago. Instead I enjoyed colour charts(?), which I did not notice then. You never know how your interest change.


Next stop is Marimekko.


It is the factory shop + the headquarters. Anyone can have lunch among the staff at their canteen. You can have as much as you like on your plate from the buffet that offer from soup to desert.

This is how the table look like. ALL Marimekko.


I just wondered how Temari looks like in Marimekko world.


This is a plate I bought.


Dinner was on the green. There is a perfect park for this in the centre of the city and suited the basket from Latvia! The long day made us enjoy fully the conversation  about about this trip, handcrafting etc. over Finish beer we managed to buy before the time limit. (You are not allowed to purchase alcohol drink after 9pm )


After I got back I met the landlady. She was lovely person and while we talked about Finnish sauna and Japanese hot spring, we ended up booking a new sauna in Helsinki! I had seen many times people jumping in to the sea water during sauna. I was excited that I was going to experience it… What a unexpected surprise!

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