Travelling Temaricious: Latvia ❷

English follows below



It was summer blue sky that was waiting us in Riga, the capital of Lativa. Europe in June seems sparkling with arrival of summer joy.


Having lived in Czech republic and Hungary, I cannot help myself getting a little nervous every time I enter former Soviet territory but I realised that it feels little different this time…


Yes, there is a sea.


There are fish. (Fresh!)


It must mean a lot to Japanese people, at least for myself, who are brought up near the sea.


The life on streets of Riga started to gently jump out.


Then, piles of yarn in a bookshop shelf caught my eyes. It is a new sight for a usual, not particularly fancy,  bookshop like this. It is a good sign. Now my expectation is getting even higher after seeing a sanctuary-for-handcraft like scene in my first hours in Latvia.


It felt like Latvia is welcoming us.


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