Travelling Temaricious: Latvia ❸

English follows below



Finally, heading to long awaited the folk art and craft festival in Latvian ethnographic open-air museum i.e. the forest. The sky is blue, the whether is perfect for the day!

Passage to the stands. White roos are beautifully lining up.


Neatly displayed groceries in a market hinted character of Latvians but great handmade baskets, wooden pieces, mittens and many more things proved that I was correct.


Wooden cutleries make the most of the natural character and you can feel the warmth of wood gives a sense of security. The all the hand-crafted items were carefully made paying attentions to small details for them to be practical and beautiful.


The baskets, you can never get enough of. It is the place to indulge yourself to find your perfect basket(s)! There were so many varieties, more than I could imagine.

Thanks to my experienced friend, I was able to have a few white birch baskets. Such baskets are becoming rare piece as there are only a few craftsmen remaining.




Latvia is mitten. Mitten is latvia. 100% woollen, pattern and double knitted  mittens are warm and soft. From the patterns originated in symbols of Latvian mythology on mittens and Celosana*, you can tell the long history and the stories. The symbols, as well as the colour pallets that differ region to region, I realised their folklore seem to share similar trait with Temari. It is fascinating. I am going to study more about it.

It makes me smirk, when I imagine the warm cuddle of new mittens and blankets I will have in this winter.

* belt/ribbon for folklore costume

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