Travelling Temaricious: Latvia ❹

English follows below


民芸市でまた目を楽しませてくれるのはこの民族衣装をきた方々。手まりを持っていただきハイ、ポーズ(笑) 手まりはコミュニケーションの取っ掛かりになり、旅の必需品。

Another charm of the festival was these ladies (and gentlemen) in folklore outfit. Our Temari in a hand, smile to me! With Temari, it makes it easier to start talking to locals and break ice when travelling abroad, though no one knows about it!


Am I in the world of the Lord of the rings?


Eat well and drink well! We still have afternoon to go! You will not be disappointed for the food you will eat here. It felt the ingredients themselves taste well. Beer’s very nice, too, even comparing with Czech republic.


We don’t usually get to see these attachment to mushrooms in Japan. It’s cute to see people mingling with the mushrooms.


Latvian motifs from their mythology. Like Temari motifs they are designed from objects found in the daily lives and symbolises ones’ wish. When those meanings are delivered, it must becomes more than a design and Temari or mittens can be more than a beautiful/practical objects. These motifs reminded me about it once again.



That is all for Latvian festival! We’re already making a plan of going back next year:)

If you are happen to be in Matsumoto, Nagano this August, SUGURI, an art & handcraft shop, is going to stock some of these souvenirs from Latvia along side our natural colour Temari. We are also having Temari workshop during the period 4th-23rd August 2017 in Matsumoto.

For more information, contact


松本市中央3-2-13 蔵久小路入ル奥ノ蔵
TEL 0263-33-7736

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