Travelling Temaricious: Latvia ❺

English follows below



The following day of the festival weekend, we went to visit a small town called Limbazi.


The town was a lot quieter than I thought. So quiet and … no place to eat. We realised it on a way to a restaurant, a cafe or even a hot dog stand, we IMAGINED to find just like that. But there is an angle. We eventually saw a lady and she kindly walked us all the way into a small restaurant and even asked a waiter to take care of us. You can appreciate even better this sort of kindness when we are completely stranger to a place.


Arriving at a small factory, TINE, we first had a look in the small shop of their original yarns and weaved items. Then realised that we had to make reservation for the factory visit. What a shame. But without thinking too much I started negotiate the shop assistant  if we can still have a look in mixture of all the languages I know Czech, English and Hungarian + gesture, (I wouldn’t dare to see myself.) It worked. Our passion reached and kind director himself showed us around. Again, we were touched by Limbazi kindness…



In the historical factory operated since 1914, Mr. director showed us from how they make yarn from raw wool with old machinery, to how artisans weave textiles of traditional pattern. There were 2 trainees, the future artisans, learning the weaving. I was happy to witness that the tradition is being handed over. Of course they are a lot more mechanised while we, Temaricious does all the procedures by hands. Still, the hands that handles threads, the skill and the way they look when crafting was beautiful.

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