Travelling Temaricious:Latvia ❶

English follows below.








3 Baltic countries – I used to memorise name of each country with a made-up word “E-LA-LI” when I was teenager. How could I have known that this made-up sound “ELALI” was going to be a meaningful word after many many years later.

I have decided to go to Latvia because of my friend’s passion for the country. The friend from my local bar is also a keen handicrafter. Every June, she has been visiting Riga, the capital of Latvia, since 4 years ago. She showed me off how fantastic it was after every trip. When she mentioned about the coming year’s trip, I booked a Finnair flight as a matter of course.

The main purpose of this trip is to visit once-a-year Latvian folklore market taking place in a forest.

How would it be like in the forest???

I set off my long journey with entertaining myself by Temari making…

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