Travelling Temaricious: Helsinki, Finland ❹

English follows below

旅するテマリシャス:ヘルシンキ (フィンランド) ❹


Finally, to the real Finish sauna! While talking with the hosting family, we ended up booking a new Sauna called Loyly.


Went there at 8pm after dinner. Entering the modern wooden building, there is a bar and restaurant overlooking the bay of Helsinki from the terrace but I did not come for this…. Then, landlady showed me a corridor to sauna. It is so stylish sauna ever I have seen, I was getting excited for the new experience.

Here is how to take sauna at Loyly


1.Leave your jacket and shoes in a wardrobe at the corridor.


2. Tell that you have reservation and leave your credit card at the cashier. Your drink order in the sauna is going to be charged from the card.
3. さっとシャワー。

3. Quick shower

4. Change to swimming suits then to Sauna!


5. There are normal sauna and smoke sauna with low temperature. In the normal sauna, as you sprinkle water on the hot stone, the hot steam wraps your body. The feeling of the moment is like when you go into Japanese hot spring and come out with “Ah, Kimochiii! (Feels good!)

6. 暑くなったらシャワーを浴びたり、桶に入った水を被ったり、外に出て海に飛び込める。そう、海である!ワクワク+若干の恐怖に迷いながらもワクワクが勝る。最後には意を決して海に入る。冷たい!冷たい〜〜と叫んで気を紛らわそうとしても冷たいもんは冷たい。1分くらいで地上に出ると。なんだか気持ちが良い。すっきり晴れ晴れとした感じ。体ももう寒くない。誰かが怖さの向こうにしか成長はないって言ってたな。これは病みつきになりそうだと思った瞬間。

6. When you are hot, go out of the cabin to take water shower, a bucket of water or jump into the sea. Yes, into the SEA. There was a big dark sea in front of me. It was a little scary but also felt excitement.  The excitement won and slowly went in the water. Tsu-me-ta-i! Cold! So cold, I laughing/shouting Tsu-me-ta-i. Shouting and claiming it is cold does not help. Cold is cold. After less then a minute, I went out and it was not cold anymore, even though it was a chilly day. Instead, it felt very refreshing and my mind was so clear and my body was not cold anymore. It is addictive. I understand why Finns are fussy about it. I remembered someone said real growth comes after accepting fear. Yes, I think so.


7. Take alcoholic or soft drink in between. Chill out with a glass/pint of beer in front of fire place. Then back to Sauna, then sea, again.

8. サウナが終わったら、シャワー室で頭と体を洗って終了。そのあと一杯飲んで帰るもよし。フィンランドのジントニックっていうのがあってオススメ。

8. At the end, take proper shower. It is good to take a drink after it at the bar. There is a Finnish gin and tonic, recommended.


For bath fanatics, Sauna works. I think both bath and sauna fanatics understand each other.


I’ll be back!


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