New Embroidery Threads Set: Berry Field

新色の草木染めの刺繍糸セット: ベリー畑


How many times we are impressed by nature power of colors? Oh every time! Our favorite berry colors are very popular, therefore we often dye those colors seasons by season . But it’s still so easy to surprise us by seeing these profund colors from nature every time. 


New embroidery threads are now available on line at our shop. We are planning to new projects to entertain you more! Haha!

お買い物はこちらからお楽しみください。何か作品を作られた方は是非ハッシュタグ #temariciousmakesを使って私たちにシェアしてください。

Enjoy your shopping here and please share with us when you made something from our threads. #temariciousmakes


Naturally dyed embroidery threads 

Handcrafted in Tokyo.
手染め/草木染め 刺繍糸
100% Cotton   

10 x min. 125cm   

Thickness: approx. 3/6 DMC25
Designed for: 

Temari stitching, Embroidery, Cross stitching, Sashiko, Quilting, Canvaswork (Needlepoint), Hardanger, 

Braiding, Tasselmaking, Scrapbooking, etc.

125cm x 10本  


手まりのかがり糸、 普通の刺繍糸、刺し子、 キャンバスワーク、 ハーダンガー刺繍、 様々な編み、タッセル作り、 

Colour-gifted from/染色素材: 

From the left/左から 

1. CHESTNUT BURR / 栗のイガ 


3. INDIAN MADDAR / インド茜 

4. INDIAN MADDAR / インド茜 

5. INDIAN MADDAR / インド茜 

6. INDIAN MADDAR / インド茜 

7. COCCHINEAL / コチニール 


9. LOGWOOD / ログウッド 

10. LOGWOOD / ログウッド
*Keep in shadow, avoiding direct sun. 日陰で保管してください。 

*Please be aware before purchase that possible colour unevenness or fade are what we consider is delightful character of natural dye. 若干の色ムラ、色あせも風合いとしてお楽しみください。


Travelling Temaricious: Helsinki, Finland ❹

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旅するテマリシャス:ヘルシンキ (フィンランド) ❹


Finally, to the real Finish sauna! While talking with the hosting family, we ended up booking a new Sauna called Loyly.


Went there at 8pm after dinner. Entering the modern wooden building, there is a bar and restaurant overlooking the bay of Helsinki from the terrace but I did not come for this…. Then, landlady showed me a corridor to sauna. It is so stylish sauna ever I have seen, I was getting excited for the new experience.

Here is how to take sauna at Loyly


1.Leave your jacket and shoes in a wardrobe at the corridor.


2. Tell that you have reservation and leave your credit card at the cashier. Your drink order in the sauna is going to be charged from the card.
3. さっとシャワー。

3. Quick shower

4. Change to swimming suits then to Sauna!


5. There are normal sauna and smoke sauna with low temperature. In the normal sauna, as you sprinkle water on the hot stone, the hot steam wraps your body. The feeling of the moment is like when you go into Japanese hot spring and come out with “Ah, Kimochiii! (Feels good!)

6. 暑くなったらシャワーを浴びたり、桶に入った水を被ったり、外に出て海に飛び込める。そう、海である!ワクワク+若干の恐怖に迷いながらもワクワクが勝る。最後には意を決して海に入る。冷たい!冷たい〜〜と叫んで気を紛らわそうとしても冷たいもんは冷たい。1分くらいで地上に出ると。なんだか気持ちが良い。すっきり晴れ晴れとした感じ。体ももう寒くない。誰かが怖さの向こうにしか成長はないって言ってたな。これは病みつきになりそうだと思った瞬間。

6. When you are hot, go out of the cabin to take water shower, a bucket of water or jump into the sea. Yes, into the SEA. There was a big dark sea in front of me. It was a little scary but also felt excitement.  The excitement won and slowly went in the water. Tsu-me-ta-i! Cold! So cold, I laughing/shouting Tsu-me-ta-i. Shouting and claiming it is cold does not help. Cold is cold. After less then a minute, I went out and it was not cold anymore, even though it was a chilly day. Instead, it felt very refreshing and my mind was so clear and my body was not cold anymore. It is addictive. I understand why Finns are fussy about it. I remembered someone said real growth comes after accepting fear. Yes, I think so.


7. Take alcoholic or soft drink in between. Chill out with a glass/pint of beer in front of fire place. Then back to Sauna, then sea, again.

8. サウナが終わったら、シャワー室で頭と体を洗って終了。そのあと一杯飲んで帰るもよし。フィンランドのジントニックっていうのがあってオススメ。

8. At the end, take proper shower. It is good to take a drink after it at the bar. There is a Finnish gin and tonic, recommended.


For bath fanatics, Sauna works. I think both bath and sauna fanatics understand each other.


I’ll be back!


Travelling Temaricious: Helsinki, Finland ❸

English follows below

旅するテマリシャス: フィンランド(ヘルシンキ)❸


My partner found a Japanese couple who have been running a small shop called COMMON in Helsinki for 10 years. I liked their post so decided to visit them.


The shop offers selection of household goods, stationaries etc. that are mainly from Japan, selected by the owner’s aesthetic sense. Before visiting, I thought we can share the same point of views, thinking that the way/attitude they showcase their Japan made products is similar to the way we showcases our Temari and naturally dyed thread we make. we both happen to do it but not only to please foreigners but also to please ourselves. So we don’t go for typical things people might expect from Japan but something that might be unexpected.  Although I was total stranger, I showed him, his little son and later his wife our Temari and thread then had inspiring conversation for a while. The shop and their company was comfortable. I now feel that there is a place to go back in Finland.


It would be fun if we can collaborate in the future. Big thanks to COMMON for lovely time. For readers, I would recommend you to visit this very stylish design shop. You can find similarities between Nordic and Japanese.

Travelling Temaricious: Helsinki, Finland ❷




In Helsinki, I booked a room on Airbnb for the first time experience.  The flat was very clean and neatly arranged as if it is in an interior magazine, just like I imagined for Nordic style. Landlady’s daughter welcomed me warmly and it brought me back a memory of the time I first stayed in an English family in York.



High celling and spacious room are what only few can have in Tokyo.


Let’s see how Temari looks like in my bed room…


Not too bad. It looks like as if it has been a part of this room before I came.


Now off to the city. Meeting friends who are arriving from Latvia and we are heading to THE places in Helsinki.


It was little disappointing to not be able to bargain hunt like 8 years ago. Instead I enjoyed colour charts(?), which I did not notice then. You never know how your interest change.


Next stop is Marimekko.


It is the factory shop + the headquarters. Anyone can have lunch among the staff at their canteen. You can have as much as you like on your plate from the buffet that offer from soup to desert.

This is how the table look like. ALL Marimekko.


I just wondered how Temari looks like in Marimekko world.


This is a plate I bought.


Dinner was on the green. There is a perfect park for this in the centre of the city and suited the basket from Latvia! The long day made us enjoy fully the conversation  about about this trip, handcrafting etc. over Finish beer we managed to buy before the time limit. (You are not allowed to purchase alcohol drink after 9pm )


After I got back I met the landlady. She was lovely person and while we talked about Finnish sauna and Japanese hot spring, we ended up booking a new sauna in Helsinki! I had seen many times people jumping in to the sea water during sauna. I was excited that I was going to experience it… What a unexpected surprise!

Travelling Temaricious: Helsinki, Finland ❶

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旅するテマリシャス:ヘルシンキ (フィンランド) ❶



I took ferry to cross the Gulf of Finland to go to Helsinki.

Arriving at the ferry terminal, there is a lot bigger ferry that I thought. I could see myself getting excited for the new experience I was about to have. Inside the ferry, it was like a building. Over impressed every small details like there is a lift, different bars, restaurants and shop! Temari is my usual travel company. Stitching temari on a journey is relaxing. Such Temari later become a memory of the trip.


When the port of Helsinki was already in the sight, I could see seagulls out of the round window. They were chasing the ferry over and over again like in a Gibli film, it felt Helsinki is welcoming us.


I took a taxi from the airport. Unlike he seemed like, the middle-aged driver was friendly and so talkative, I could not leave the taxi for a while after arrival. With nice smile, he told me his son loves Japan and have visited there a few times, Japanese have only a tiny accent when they gain Finish and a few survival Finish words. Finally, he even “assured” that designs and colours of Temaricious Temari will be well received by Finish, it their tast! Thank you driver! I felt now Helsinki was little closer to me.

ヘルシンキの駅で見つけた手まり像(笑) ようこそテマリシャスにしか見えない。

Temari statue? found in Helsinki central station. I cannot see it is nothing else than Welcome to Temaricious message!

Travelling Temaricious: Estonia

English follows below



The trip started from E.LA.LI. Now it is a time to go up to E, Estonia. There were several alternatives for means of transportations I went for bus. It is not only reasonable but thought it would be the best way to feel the ambience of the country taking slow journey. Traveling to different country by bus is special for us Japanese as we live in an island where going abroad by other transportation than airplane is rare. 5 hours travel, just like travelling from Tokyo to where my parents live in Kyushu by train.


Going tranquil country road, the bus finally arrived at a bus terminal. In Tallin, I started to come across Nordic designs and colours here and there. Like many people admits, there is similar aesthetic sense from Japan that is to find beauty in simplicity.

偶々通りかかったマジパンの有名な店があってそこで買った鶏と玉ねぎ。でも、ホテルに置いてきてしまった模様…. マジパンは東欧、ロシアチックだなぁ。

These are the masipan from a famous masipan shop in the historical city centre. They are so cute! but they seems to be left in the hotel room…


The time in Tallin was short and here are some random things that caught my eyes

Bumpers shaped like birds…


Florists open until midnight though all other shops are closed already…


Buildings like in a fairly tale.


Following day is a journey to Helsinki.