So, what is Temari?

Temari is traditional Japanese ball that has a long history as a toy. It is made with rice husk, thin paper, thin thread to wrap Temari core and thread to stitch patterns on the surface. In the past, it used to be made with the leftover thread from Kimono and was often made by mothers for their children to wish their healthy being and good luck with their future. The role of Temari changed after the introduction of rubber ball in Japan. However, it did not vanish with the loss of its traditional roll but remained as a decoration and a craft to enjoy and enrich our life because of its beautifully elaborated patterns and endless colour combinations. Also, the art of Temari making was developed in different regions  all over Japan and each of them has unique qualities and features. Today, Temari making is not as popular as our grand parents time but it is still present (Temaricious!) and you can find things named after Temari such as Temari sushi, flowers named with after and so on in our daily life.

Our Temari

Temaricious’ Temari ball is stitched with cotton thread dyed with our very hand and core of the ball is made with rice husk. Traditional patterns with unconventional colour combination makes our Temari unique, fun and attractive. We wish Temarist (people who make Temari) fell in love with the colours of cotton taken from the nature and to feel as if you are playing on the rice field, hearing the sound of “ssss” from the rice husk in the ball as you stitch on it.